Sore Feet? - How the Benefits of Reflexology Can Help Ease Your Foot Pain

Published: 25th November 2009
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For those suffering the daily trials of sore feet and foot pain, reflexology can be of immense assistance.

Your feet are actually more sensitive and receptive to touch than your hands because they contain a large array of nerve endings, approximately seventy two hundred in each foot. Also because they are not constantly exposed to the elements, they are extremely responsive to the calming tranquilizing effects induced by a reflexology session.

Think about it when your feet hurt, what is the first thing you do? Remove your shoes and rub the spots that are sore do I hear you reply? This is an instinctive reflex on our part to try to increase circulation to the area that's hurting or tense and massage out the pain.

We should however not confuse reflexology with massage; which largely comprises muscle and soft tissue work. There are indeed similarities, such as stress relief, increased local circulation in the located area.

However, a reflexologist believes that the entire body can be mapped out on the feet and that the body is divided into ten longitudinal zones or energy zones that run the length of the body from head to toe. Therefore, if zone one is worked on than every organ, nerve, ligament, bone muscle and tendon that falls into that zone will be stimulated, any energy blockages opened, and vita energy released reducing stress and creating homeostasis ( balance) in that zone.

We are not sure exactly why reflexology works, though the many benefits of this innovative treatment have been identified including;

It promotes relief of stress and tension through relaxation.
It improves circulation throughout the body
It enhances nerve function unblocking nerve impulses.
It helps restore mental alertness by calming the mind.
It assists all body systems in working more harmoniously and in eliminating waste more efficiently, thus aiding in detoxification
You will feel great after a session!!

Reflexology affects approximately nineteen million adults, per year, mostly male. For more essential advice, information and resources regarding foot problems and the management of sore feet check out

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